Nominate a business or individual

Nominate a business or individual to enter the 2024 Moreton Bay Business & Innovation Awards

It's that time again to recognize and celebrate the exceptional contributions of businesses and individuals within our vibrant community! The 2024 Moreton Bay Business & Innovation Awards are right around the corner, and now, you have the incredible opportunity to nominate a business or an individual who you believe deserves this prestigious acknowledgment.

This is your chance to shine a spotlight on those who are making a real difference, kicking goals, and excelling in their respective fields. Whether it's a local enterprise that goes the extra mile or an individual whose innovation knows no bounds, your nomination can be a powerful encouragement. Your nomination can remain anonymous if you prefer. Rest assured, once you've nominated someone, we'll take the initiative to inform them that a valued customer or stakeholder believes they should participate in this year's awards. Let's come together and celebrate the remarkable accomplishments within our community!

Nominations have now closed.

Here are the 2024 Award Categories: