Meet the Finalists - Major Award Categories

Moreton Bay Region Business Excellence and Innovation Awards


We are only a few days away from the prestigious Gala Awards so allow us to introduce you to our finalists for the Major Awards categories!


The Community Group of the Year award recognises a not-for-profit organisation in the Moreton Bay Region that, over the past 12 months, has delivered strong, community-based initiatives that positively impacts on, and delivers long-term benefits for the community.

Club Pine Rivers

This year there has been more focus than ever on supporting the local community at Club Pine Rivers. Club Pine Rivers not only donates to a number of local charity groups, schools and smaller sporting clubs but also to a number of larger charities. Not only that but Club Pine Rivers is also working hard to give our differently abled members of our community a chance to step into the work place. The club looks forward to continuing to support our community for years to come.

Soroptimist International Moreton North Inc.

Soroptimist International Moreton North Inc, aka SIMNI a vibrant, dynamic volunteer club for women. A small dedicated group of trailblazer women, change makers, sharing skills and expertise to support education and leadership projects improving the lives of women and girls in our Moreton Bay and beyond.

School Aid

SchoolAid is a national school-based philanthropy network which empowers young philanthropists. Young people who are involved in philanthropy, giving or volunteering are more likely to be resilient, self-confident, have positive self-esteem and a sense of wellbeing. SchoolAid is building and supporting a movement of young philanthropists who connect with and support each other as they work to make their world a better place for all.

A Brave Life

A Brave Life is a registered not-for-profit organisation aims to help alleviate the risks of ongoing poverty, misfortune and helplessness experienced by many young and teenage mothers by assisting them to complete their education, pursue their dreams and to LIVE LIFE BRAVE.

A Brave Life focuses on two main areas:

Walking alongside & encourage teenage mothers through our LIVE LIFE BRAVE Mentoring Program as they complete their education.Providing essential baby items to teenage & young mothers through our Baby Bundle Program.

Intercept Youth and Family Services

Intercept is a not-for-profit community organisation that provides early intervention and prevention services for young people aged 10 to 25 and their families across the Moreton Bay region.

Intercept aims to provide holistic support, across the spectrum of social issues families can experience, to ensure the service can serve as a one stop shop for youth support.


The Innovation Excellence Award recognises an outstanding business, sole trader or organisation within the Moreton Bay Region who has developed a new innovative product, process or service that challenges conventional thinking and demonstrates significant advances in terms of innovation and improvement.


Commsync harnesses the power of technology in tandem with the strength of human networks to deliver personal safety outcomes seamlessly connecting those at risk to those who care. Commsync supports the safety of those vulnerable to family, domestic and workplace violence. Commsync does this by providing at risk individuals with action plans and wearable technology that can be used to de-escalate possible emergency situations by connecting individuals to their support network in times of need.

The Commsyncalert platform manages tailored safety plans and provides the mechanism for them to work seamlessly integrating a range of accessible technologies (such as smart watches/ pendants/phone app) into a unified safety planning platform. This thereby automating personal or workplace safety plans.


Luvaberry -the family berry is more than just a strawberry farm it has created its own war against waste by finding a solution to fruit once deemed to small or to ugly into a beautiful pure strawberry dust. This range of value added products has no added sugar preservatives its just pure concentrated strawberry - making strawberries available anywhere anytime.

This innovative solution now extends to other Moreton Bay farmers with the development of Blueberry and Raspberry dust. This versatile and easy to use dust & crunch products enable you to take all the health benefits of fresh fruit with you without the perish-ability.


Metromatics is an innovation and technology company based in North-lakes.Our offering for the awards uses existing technology which we enhanced to enable easy installation eliminating the need to conduct ground or ceiling works to install.Our text to speech with hearing loop system has been well received within the vision and hearing impaired community and through collaborating with some disability services and organizations we expect to further develop and enhance our system with other assistance technologies.Metromatics thanks the judges for their consideration of our innovation product.

Solar Bollard Lighting

SBL are Australia’s only AMCL recognised Australian Made and Owned solar lighting manufacturer and the original innovators behind the world’s first All-In-One solar lighting back in 2005. SBL pushed the capabilities of their SBL2 technology further finding solutions for areas with full shading, reducing environmental impacts due to trenching, submersion from natural disasters, greater impact resilience, wildlife friendly alternatives, 95% product recyclability and reducing the global CO2 footprint by approx. 153 metric tonnes using our solar lighting technologies. SBL’s award-winning products are sold locally, nationally and internationally, with a 50% annual turnover increase and export growth of 48.8% in FY18-19.


SurePact is an Enterprise SaaS risk identification and mitigation solution for the delivery of simple and complex contracts for Government and Corporate organisations. The solution delivers improved project and procurement outcomes while managing the compounding risk for the contracts and reducing time, cost and scope blowouts. SurePact software also provides full visibility, transparency and accountability across an organisation and delivers analytics allowing for more confident business intelligence decisions and compliance assurances.

Stanley Asphalt

Stanley Asphalt have revolutionised Australia’s road construction industry, developing next generation asphalt technologies focusing on transforming waste asphalt, along with future trials of waste glass and used tyres, into high quality recycled materials which can recycled back on Australia’s roads. Stanley Asphalt is now leading this change in the industry with an innovative modular process and leading technology to allow up to 100% recycled asphalt pavement and household waste streams in our new roads fostering low carbon footprints and creating a circular economy.

Good luck to all the finalists in this years Awards!