Interview with 2019 Innovate Moreton Bay Innovation Excellence Award Winner - Metromatics

Interview with 2019 Innovate Moreton Bay Innovation Excellence Award Winner, Metromatics.

Interview Transcript

Presenter: Well congratulations guys on winning the Innovation Excellence Award for Metromatics. Obviously, innovation is at the core of what you do, can you tell us a bit about the award-winning products.

Metromatics: So, what we did was take a tech to voice thing which has been around for a long time, but what we did was enhance it, to be something that is more easily installed. So traditionally that product goes in the ground, but what we did was take that and make it something we can just bolt in the ground and work with it. Um, it’s basically for disability act, it helps hearing and visually impaired people so they can find. Mainly for the train systems, were the next train or bus is, but certainly we can also apply that product to tourist information centres or hotels or any other sort of public information thing where disabled people might need that product.

Presenter: Well done and what does this award mean to your team?

Metromatics: It actually rewards them for what they have done over the years, cause we’ve been doing this now for over 15 years. We’ve kind of refined our product, we’ve added to it, we’ve made it a product now that people want, we can sell this worldwide.

Presenter: I understand that you have offices in Sydney, Melbourne and all-around Australia and even Auckland, why is your head office here in Moreton Bay Region?

Metromatics: Well we decided to set-up in Moreton Bay, we were in Brisbane and we moved out of Brisbane mainly because of the expansion and it’s a nice place to be and most of our employee’s live in this region. That’s why we moved here and it’s growing.

Presenter: And it’s been an award-winning move.

Metromatics: It has been.

Presenter: Well congratulations, that’s fantastic, well done. Thank you.

NOMINATIONS open for the 2021 Innovate Moreton Bay Innovation Excellence Award.

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