Meet the Finalists - Innovation Awards Categories

Moreton Bay Region Business Excellence and Innovation Awards


As we near the night of nights for businesses in the Moreton Bay Region, we would like to introduce you to the 2019 Innovation Awards Finalists.


The Youth Innovation Excellence Award recognises an outstanding innovation program, activity or innovative solution developed within the past 12 months by an individual or group aged 18 years and younger that live or study in the Moreton Bay Region.

Mt Maria College - PHL Photos

Four years ago, I picked up a camera and started taking wildlife photos. Today, I have over 1000 photos in my portfolio and a growing business. I love the outdoors and I love animals. My interest grew in our amazing wildlife and I started setting myself challenges. My photos show animal’s individual beauty, each photo telling a different story and uniqueness. My work helps to educate people about our amazing wildlife and give them a reason to care. I visit many places and take photos so that I can share my stories and my adventures and encourage people, especially kids, to learn about conservation so we can have animals for generations.

- Parker Hainey

Murrumba State Secondary College - IntelVest

IntelVest is the marriage of a radio transmitter, a processing unit, and a collection of existing electronic sensors, packaged into a light and flexible unit that can be incorporated into a firefighter’s turnout gear. The technology collects and relays back clinical data, such as pulse rate, body temperature, respiration rate, and blood pressure, along with environmental data back to a central control unit that can be monitored by an outside control team.

- Tiarna McElligott

Tullawong State High School - EMTRATECH

EMTRATECH is designed to help those with difficulty interpreting emotions such as those on the Autism Spectrum. The primary product is an app on smart watches that can scan other people’s facial expressions and body language, and discretely provide the wearer with feedback on the emotion. A secondary app was designed to assist emergency workers should they be responding to the wearer in a state of melt down or where there is non-verbal communication. This app provides emergency services with basic details about the wearer, including emergency contacts and preferred calming/communication processes.

- Sarah Cuthbert, Abbie Hilton, Katryn Jenkins, Jack Hayes, Jocelyn Krammer Tybalt Ellem

Tullawong State High School - Aceso

What if your house was vacuumed, mopped and sanitised whilst you are at work? Aceso is a robot vacuum that mops, and uses ultraviolet light to sanitise homes. The product uses short-wavelength ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms, effectively creating a healthier home. Ultraviolet lights not only sanitise the floor but also line the top edges of the robot vacuum to direct the light onto vertical surfaces, such as walls. An app is available to control Aceso, send alerts, provide updated information on room cleaning, and provide diagnostic information (scan for hotspots of germs/etc).

- Hayley McSweeny, Hannah Devon, Joanna Richie, Abbie Warren, Stephine Brennon, Kylan Jobling, Maddison Cox and Lynan Dang


The Young Entrepreneur Excellence Award recognises an inspirational young person aged between 18 – 35 years who, through their own commitment and passion, has built and operates a successful business within the Moreton Bay Region.

Daniel Nixon - Trident RFID

Daniel Nixon has been a key figure in the establishment and expansion of not only Trident RFID, but also a new business, OneTime, a unique integrated service model for sporting event coordination. This business aims to provide an integrated service which includes race timing, timing hardware, timing software, online registrations, and online results, under the one company banner to create simpler and smoother event coordination experience.

Daniel Nixon has demonstrated tremendous strategic and financial planning, initiative, and flexibility. He has participated in the testing and refinement of R&D technology, set pricing models, capital budgets, scalable business models, investment pitches, and identified strategic personnel for launch into international and domestic markets.

Timothy Bates - Valori Espresso & Gallery

Tim has worked in hospitality for 12 years, starting at the bottom at KFC and Subway and working his way through cafe’s bars and restaurants both at home and internationally until settling in Scarborough. This is where he made the decision to buy a cafe resulting in taking the cafe to #2 rank in Australia and #1 in Brisbane on

Matthew Baker - Shift Buddies

Shift Buddies is a removalist business that offers services such as house moves, offices moves and rubbish removal for an affordable price whilst maintaining a high quality, stress free service to their clients. Matthew Baker began Shift Buddies on the basis of providing ethical policies, procedures and practises for his staff, clients and community members, rapidly growing his business in the last 12 months.

Matilda Marsh - Myoni

Founding Director and Menstrual Revolutionary Matilda Marsh is on a mission: to equip the menstrual revolution with reliable, reusable, responsibly-made and beautiful products that save money and won’t cost the earth. One-third of the creative brains behind female-led start-up Myoni, Matilda is tireless in her commitment to sustainability, social justice, and community development. As a mum and Redcliffe local, Matilda is deeply committed to building social enterprise businesses that address social issues, build community, and have a positive environmental impact.

Francesca Fargnoli - Basil & Vine

Basil & Vine is an Italian themed café and restaurant that was opened in May 2018. Inspired by her culinary experiences in Italy and Italian heritage, Francesca decided to embark on the project of bringing good quality, affordable Italian cuisine to Burpengary. The goal was to capture that sense of relaxed dining and extended family that Italians do so well– where eating is a family affair that involves talking, socialising and loads of food made with quality, wholesome ingredients. Basil & Vine is now ranked No.1 on Trip Advisor of all 30 eateries in Burpengary.


The Successful Start Up Award recognises a new start-up business or sole trader that has commenced operations in the last three years (since 2017) within the Moreton Bay Region.


Commsync harnesses the power of technology in tandem with the strength of human networks to deliver personal safety outcomes seamlessly connecting those at risk to those who care. Commsync supports the safety of those vulnerable to family, domestic and workplace violence. Commsync does this by providing at risk individuals with action plans and wearable technology that can be used to de-escalate possible emergency situations by connecting individuals to their support network in times of need.

The Commsyncalert platform manages tailored safety plans and provides the mechanism for them to work seamlessly integrating a range of accessible technologies (such as smart watches/ pendants/phone app) into a unified safety planning platform. This thereby automating personal or workplace safety plans.

Commsync also develops bespoke safety management plans connecting the user with their support connections.


SurePact is an Enterprise SaaS risk identification and mitigation solution for the delivery of simple and complex contracts for Government and Corporate organisations. The solution delivers improved project and procurement outcomes while managing the compounding risk for the contracts and reducing time, cost and scope blowouts. SurePact software also provides full visibility, transparency and accountability across an organisation and delivers analytics allowing for more confident business intelligence decisions and compliance assurances.

Health Hub Doctors Morayfield

Health Hub Doctors Morayfield is an extensive facility has been evolved as a step up from a primary health centre to include both primary and specialist ambulatory care services and acute services that are intended to complement and support already established health services within the local area. The facility integrates and is co-located with a range of medical services included but not limited to, primary and specialist ambulatory services, acute care and day procedure unit, rehabilitation services, diagnostic and medical imaging services.

The aim of HHDM was to achieve a fully integrated collaborative approach to healthcare within a demographic that was in most need of these services.

STEM Punks

STEM Punks provides world-leading STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) education programs for students and teachers in primary and secondary schools with learning outcomes linked to the Australian Curriculum. Teachers are supported by its e-Learning platform, which includes Virtual Reality Classrooms, while students at home have access to a whole new range of STEM tools to help them engage with STEM.

STEM Punks mission is to "inspire tomorrow’s innovators", and teaches programs to children to equip them with a mindset based on innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship to enable 21st century learning.

Eternal Youth Australia

Launching in May, 2018, Eternal Youth Australia is a specialised anti-aging skin clinic that uses ground-breaking, non-invasive technology.

This sister team aims to grow a loyal customer base in North Lakes and the Moreton Bay Region, before looking to expand their operation Regional and North Queensland, and ultimately interstate and overseas.

We would like to wish all the finalists the very best of luck in this years Moreton Bay Region Business Excellence and Innovation Awards.