Tips for writing a Moreton Bay Business Awards submission

Are you planning on nominating for the 2019 Moreton Bay Business Excellence & Innovation Awards? If you have never submitted an awards application before you might be wondering where to start, how to write it, and what to include. An awards submission can not only get your business the acknowledgement it deserves, the process of putting pen to paper can help business owners summarise where their business currently is and where they plan for it to go in the near future.

The 2019 Moreton Bay Business Excellence & Innovation Awards feature 20 individual judges who each specialise in their chosen areas and industries. These tips can help you when writing your submission for the 2019 awards.


Give yourself enough time

Try not to leave your submission until the last minute. Give yourself enough time to write your submission and then review what you've written either the next day or a couple hours later.

Read and re-read the questions

Make sure to carefully read each question so you can answer every part correctly. If you submit applications for multiple awards please try to avoid the 'copy and paste' technique as it's more than likely the questions will ask for different information.

Stay on point

This can be where the review stage comes in handy. More words doesn't necessarily mean a better application. Try not to waffle or go on tangents in your answers. Stay on point, be succinct and remember that "see attachment" is not an answer.

Tell a Story

This is your application and your achievements. Explain what you needed to do and why.

Look for the 'evidence'

Some questions will ask for evidence to support your answers. Make sure to back up any claim with supporting evidence so that judges can review accordingly.

Answer Truthfully

Please don't throw in incorrect information because it might sound better. It is important to be truthful in your answers. Remember that simply applying can help business owners clarify where their businesses are at that point in time, and to set goals for the future.


Don't be afraid to give facts and figures to support your application. If you have achieved a quantifiable figure and it relates to the question - put it in.

Supporting Evidence

The applications ask for four (4) pages maximum of supporting evidence. You don't need to attach additional pages, but if you do please avoid attaching an entire prospectus, for example, as 80 page documents will not be judged. Once again, it's about being succinct and to the point. Four pages max.

Review and edit

Don't forget to check spelling, punctuation and language multiple times before submitting. It can help to read your submission out aloud, or get someone to look it over, as a fresh set of eyes can often pick up what we miss.

If you have any questions about the application process please contact

Good Luck!